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Jerry Petermann - CIE Graduate 1977

In 1977, CIE was the answer to refining a Telecommunications Bachelor degree in Science from a University.

The CIE course gave me detailed component level information and challenged me to keep learning electronics. The best part was the theory of Broadcast Engineering which opened my eyes to far greater possibilities in the future.

Eventually, these basics played a pivotal role in the development of a Wireless communications system. The strange thing that also occurred was the far greater but subtle understanding of the whole magnetic spectrum all the way up to nuclear energies.

"The frequencies (for nuclear) were just a quantum leap higher (than electronics) but the concepts were eerily familiar." ...a quote in a magazine in the late nineties exploring the origins of my New Wireless Technologies.

Without CIE filling in the blanks of my college degree, this revelation would have passed me by.

Thank you CIE!

Jerry Petermann


Some of Mr. Petermann's accomplishments to date include:

    Nuclear Physics and Manufacturing
    In early 1977, Jerry W. Petermann began a 14 year career in nuclear physics. His invention in 1984, the world’s first micro-computer powered Microlead I, changed the standards for lead-in-paint detection for the prevention of childhood lead poisoning in the U.S.

    He worked personally with U.S. Senate and House subcommittees to craft lead-in-paint health standards legislation. As the owner of his own nuclear laboratory, Warrington Labs, (located 4 miles north of Pflugerville in 1985-1989), he worked on the development and production of nuclear monitoring and detection systems for the Los Alamos National Labs, the U.S. Navy, the Nuclear Power industry, DOD, EPA and HUD, and many others. 

    He served for 14 years as a State of Texas licensed Radiation Safety Officer and Health Safety Officer.

    Magazine Articles and TV Appearances
    Mr. Petermann has appeared in Newsweek Magazine, the International Edition in February and again in March, 1984, also twice in INC. magazine and on CNN Worldwide (2 ½ minute segment airing over 100 times)

    He has produced over 50 educational and training videos, written dozens of articles, produced videos on environmental science issues and alternative fuel systems.

    Wireless Design Engineer and Corporate Management
    He served from 1997-2002 as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Direct Wireless Corporation, a private corporation, as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Direct Wireless Communications, Inc., a publicly traded corporation, and on the Board of Directors of each corporation.

    He holds ten issued patents and one in a patent pending status in advanced radio frequency (RF) engineering, wireless communications and artificial intelligence.

    He is active with NASA, GDIN, the DOD and various other agencies of the federal government and with leading private laboratories in wireless engineering and other sciences.

    Research and Development
    He currently is working to produce scientific advances in such other varied disciplines as materials science, communications, transportation, alternative fuels, environmental waste disposal, satellite delivered-electronic store shelf advertising, electrical power generation, anti-aging and food science.

    Wireless Intellectual Property Development
    In August 2004, Mr. Petermann joined forces with Robert Braswell, IV to found Wahoo Communications in the USA and Brazil. Jerry has been named Chief Technology Officer for the international company and wrote a new patent for wireless in September of that year; his fifth. It was filed in both countries and has now been issued.

    His system was considered for deployment across the Amazon Basin and other remote regions of the world. He still serves as CTO though international pursuits have been suspended.

    Nuclear Scientist – Network Radio Correspondent
    Mr. Petermann created the world’s largest website for the review and cataloging of media and science regarding the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster of 2011. 

    He has appeared on many diverse forums including radio, television, Internet video programs and in live lectures.

    Mr. Petermann published an engineering book entitled: Asynchronous Wireless Communications and Artificial Intelligence showcasing many of his engineering patents.

    Alternative Energy Systems
    In August, 2010, Mr. Petermann founded Thunderbolt Wind to create and market the world’s only vertical shaft wind turbine WITHOUT A VERTICAL SHAFT. The company was recently sold.